Tips for making your skin brighter

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You do not ask much for in life. You just want a good body, a good job and a good skin. And while the former two might require more work, you at least deserve a good, bright, and glowing skin, right?

Well, easier said than done 

Whereas there is nothing wrong with aspiring for a bright complexion, there are many hurdles that get in the way of you and a glowing skin. 

Firstly, it is genetics. Not everyone finds the best DNA combination; many of us are haunted by skin problems that require treatment from a Skin specialist in Karachi

Then, there is the lifestyle we lead to be blamed. Most of us are guilty of not eating well, taking a lot of stress, not exercising, and not following the skin hygiene principles. Our environments with all the pollutants certainly do not help. 

And so, while the challenge is big, it certainly is not unsurmountable. There are things that can be of help with brightening your skin. 

Tips for making your skin brighter 

Go vitamin C

Vitamin C for the skin is what Sun is to the moon; it can make our skin sing and glow. Its exfoliative properties help in getting rid of the dead skin cells that make the complexion dull. 

Alongside this, it also helps in boosting collagen production, so is good for increasing skin cell turnover. As it is an antioxidant, it protects against the damage done to the skin by the environment. 

Furthermore, vitamin C also aids in improving the signs of hyperpigmentation. It helps make the skin hydrated, so also remedies the dull brought on by dry skin. For people with melasma, vitamin C is very beneficial.

Exfoliate skin regularly

Overtime, the dead skin cells can pile up over the skin, making the complexion look dull. So, it is important that you regularly get rid of these cells and bring forth new cells that make your skin look brighter. One way to do this is by exfoliating. 

Exfoliation is the process of sloughing off the dead skin. You can use physical exfoliants that scrub the dead skin off, but as the facial skin is more delicate, this practice is not recommended. It can lead to microtears and thus scars. 

Instead, make use of chemical exfoliants like AHA, BHA, that help in relatively gentle exfoliation. 

Eat well 

Your skin needs nourishment to look the part. And if your diet is devoid of good nutrients, your skin’s health will also be compromised then. Therefore, make sure to eat a good and balanced diet. 

Consuming vegetables and fruit are great, because they are good in antioxidants and contain micronutrients that help in improving complexion. Similarly, cut back on sugar, as it can lead to greater inflammation, which again is not good for your skin’s appearance or health. 

Protect yourself from the sunlight exposure 

While you love for yourself a night tan, but the exposure to sunlight without sunscreen can be very harmful. Radiations in the sunlight damage skin; it can lead to hyperpigmentation, drying of the skin, premature aging and even the risk of skin cancer. 

Therefore, it is imperative that you protect your skin against sunlight. Wear sunscreen of SPF 30, in the very least, religiously. Put it on around 30 minutes before exposure to sun and reapply after every two hours. 

Moisturize your skin 

A dehydrated skin also looks dull, so, invest in making your skin hydrated. Use good moisturizers that cater to your skin type. Using hyaluronic acid is also helpful, as a humectant, it helps in drawing moisture to your skin. 

Some cosmetic procedures can be of help 

There are many cosmetic procedures can cater to the health of your skin and thus aid in making it look brighter. Processes like microneedling improve blood supply to the skin, PRP also provide rich plasma to the skin to make it look healthier, amongst many other processes that can lend you an extra hand in improving your complexion. 

You can also visit the best Dermatologist in Lahore for different facials and supplements that can make your skin look brighter. 

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