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Supermicro is a company that has been manufacturing and selling computer components for over 30 years. They are renowned for their high quality, affordable, and reliable products, which makes them a popular choice among PC builders or those who depend on commercial-grade computing systems. Supermicro solutions combines the company’s top-of-the-line platforms. It blends the best of high-end and low-end specifications to create one-of-a-kind solutions to meet various computing requirements virtually. But how do they produce such advanced components at such low prices? We will discuss the Supermicro HPC solution and why it is one of the most important solutions for building a robust and reliable HPC cluster.

What is Supermicro HPC solution?

This is a potent combination of technological advances with an overall robust design that results in one excellent developer workstation and an excellent platform for future expansion. HPC servers are created to satisfy companies with high demand for computational resources, such as those in the financial, medical, engineering, and scientific research industries. These companies use their supercomputers to perform number crunching or render complex 3D models.

The Supermicro SuperServers

Supermicro SuperServers are the main components of the HPC solution. Each server is built to order by customers and is outfitted with a large selection of internal parts that can be tailored to each customer’s needs. Three different server models are currently included in the Supermicro HPC line. The most powerful of all three server models, it is suitable for tasks that require a large amount of computing power. If you want to build a system with more memory or add more internal bays, you can purchase additional compute modules without needing to upgrade the motherboard.

What are The Types of HPC solutions?

The main difference between a standard workstation and an HPC cluster can be found in the Xeon processors. They are also characterized by low power consumption and high energy efficiency, which make them especially suitable for running intensive HPC applications. HPC solutions may include:

  1. Enterprise HPC Reference Design

This is a high-end workstation that provides a high level of computing power at a relatively low cost. The platform is designed to meet the needs of large enterprises, which need to perform complex analytics and crunch lots of data to make high-end decisions. This type of HPC solution is intended for corporate clients that need a powerful cluster or dedicated workstation that can support large numbers of concurrent users. The Enterprise HPC reference design is based on the Supermicro 4-way enterprise platform, designed to be used in medium to large companies and institutions to provide the needed computing power.

  1. AI, Deep Learning HPC Reference Design

The AI, deep learning HPC reference design is created to meet the needs of artificial intelligence research labs and technology companies developing AI software. This solution is built to provide maximum performance at a reasonable price. It comes with an integrated system chassis that houses four Supermicro servers. Packed with the latest breakthrough AI capabilities, this HPC solution offers the highest computing power and efficiency level.

  1. HPC for Scientific Research Solutions

This is used for scientific research requiring high computing power. This solution is created especially for laboratories, hospitals, and other medical institutions that need powerful computational resources. It comes with two SuperMicro servers, two power supply units, one server chassis, and one internal storage unit.

Supermicro HPC solutions offer the most advanced servers on the market that are used in various professional tasks. They also provide an excellent resource for startups that need to perform large quantities of data analysis without spending too much money on proprietary software or hardware components.

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