SP-API: Importance & Advantages for Sellers

sp api

There are different platforms, methods and technologies that are revolutionizing the working. talking about one such thing as sp api, it means Selling Partner API. It is a set of APIs that is specifically developed by Amazon to aid the third-party sellers to simply automate their selling operations on the marketplace of Amazon.

What really is this Selling partner API?

An application programming interface, or even API, permits one computer or application to simply transfer information to another. Amazon has many types of different APIs for transferring different information, encompassing Reports, Orders, and Listings. As an example, the Amazon MWS API permits the software tools to get information from Seller Central.

Moreover, some of the different Amazon sellers and vendors make use of Amazon APIs to simply build custom reporting or even task solutions for their businesses. Many make use of third-party software which integrates with Amazon APIs to manage their overall Amazon businesses. Then pricing, inventory levels, overall fees, and other aspects of running an Amazon business are somewhat constantly changing. The Amazon API offer this information so merchants can easily make informed decisions about when to really alter pricing, reorder inventory, and even more.

What is really Changing?

Amazon software developers are simply currently transitioning from the old MWS APIs to simply the new SP type of APIs. Keep reading to learn why such a change is going to advantage sellers as well as vendors.

Come on, you know Amazon actually discontinued some MWS APIs in July: Orders, even Reports, and Merchant Fulfillment. such a change has definitely impacted all developers whose software tools are included on the Seller Central Partner Network (now the Selling Partner Appstore) and even who use these particular APIs.

Such a change hasn’t really impacted every developer and seller. Sellers who make use of applications developed in-house to integrate with Amazon MWS directly are not really got effected. Neither the registered developers got affected who use APIs for diverse types of data not simply included in the list.

Importance of selling partner API

One of the hugest changes related to the Amazon SP type of API is that it supports APIs for vendors. Developers are in a position to build software specifically for the requirements of 1P vendors. Amazon SP type of API also provides stronger data protection and even security capabilities with a fresh tokens API designed to guard personally identifiable information.

Moreover the selling partner  api includes notifications for changes to brand listings, even MFN order status, and of course more. It even encompasses automation for pricing, A+ Content, fees, and even Amazon shipping services. FBA sellers are going to definitely appreciate the enhanced Small and Light support and even inventory and inbound eligibility checks. Amazon mentions that the SP type of API has better consistency and even more accurate sales data. so, if you haven’t given it a try, do it now. So, the importance of SP type of API can be really seen in so many diverse ways. have a look at some of such ways below:

Enhanced level of efficiency

The SP type of API helps sellers to streamline their selling process by simply automating diverse types of tasks such as order management, even inventory management, and product listings. Such a thing can save time and even boost efficiency, permitting the overall sellers to concentrate on other aspects or areas of their business.

Better level of control

You know selling partner API gives sellers more control over their overall selling operations, allow them to customize and optimize their selling strategies. This can lead to increased sales, better level of customer experience, and even good business outcomes. Of course, once the sellers have a better level of control in their hand, they can do better at their performance.

Incorporation with third-party instruments/tools

Selling partner API allows sellers to simply integrate or incorporate their selling operations with third-party tools and even applications, such as inventory management software, even accounting software, and shipping providers. This can further boost efficiency and even help sellers to scale their overall businesses.

Quick Access to advanced features

SP type of API provides access to new features and even set of functionalities that are not available through the older APIs of Amazon. This permits the sellers to take advantage of new opportunities and even remain ahead of the competition. Of course, when the sellers have a quick access to the advanced features, they can do better at everything.

Enhanced performance and scalability

Selling partner  API is built on modern technology and even is designed to be more scalable and even performant than MWS. This simply means that retailers can easily and effectively handle larger volumes of data and even requests that is critical for businesses having the high traffic and transaction volumes. Of course, once there is enhanced level of performance there would be better outcomes.

Compliance with policies of Amazon

Selling partner API is designed to be simply compliant with Amazon’s policies. It includes overall security and data protection standards. This simply denotes that retailers can make use of SP type of API with confidence, having an idea that their data is absolutely guarded and that they are following the guidelines of Amazon. Of course, being a retailer or seller, you would never want that you go against the compliance in any way right? So, make the most of this API and ensure you are always in accord with the compliance.

The point is simple, retailers make the most of selling partner API to improve their e-commerce operations and even access new set of features and capabilities that were not really there through MWS.


As a whole , it would not be wrong to say that selling partner API is critical for third-party sellers on Amazon as it simply aids them in automating and streamlining their selling operations. It gives them more control, access to fresh set of features, and integration with third-party sort of tools. you can check out saras APIs and make the most of them.

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