A Comprehensive Guide To Playing Video Poker With Bitcoins

Video Poker BTC

Video poker has risen in popularity since its introduction as a form of computerized poker played by individuals against machines. It has some of the best odds in the casino and low house advantage, but it also allows players to optimize their chances of winning and influence the game’s result.

Players, on the other hand, prefer to treat it like a slot machine or regular poker. This means that they either play without a strategy or employ strategies that would be appropriate in a real-life casino poker game but not necessary in this format. Players should know they will not be playing against opponents, but the basic idea remains.

In this blog, we’ll show you how to play video poker with Bitcoins and why it’s an ideal way to make money in the casino.

What Exactly Is Bitcoin Video Poker?

Video Poker has been a popular game in casinos and clubs worldwide, particularly in the United States, for decades. The game currently has a sizable internet community. With the advancement of the Internet and computers, it is only natural that the newer casinos offer Bitcoin games, one of which is poker.

Video Poker BTC is one of the most popular games Bitcoin casinos offer. It is a game that involves skill, patience, and luck. It is similar to poker, but with only five cards, you can decide which ones to keep or discard. This game aims to achieve the best possible hand using your initial five cards. Players can access an online casino’s website to play this game for free or real money.

The History Of Bitcoin Video Poker

In the late 1970s, before cryptocurrency video poker, we had to make do with massive video poker machines built of TV screens and solid-state CPUs. People began playing video poker when personal computers became available to the general public. They were greatly aided by creating a Draw Poker machine in 1979.

Throughout the 1980s, land-based casinos were swarmed by video poker slots, less intimidating than casino dealers at the time, clearing the way for poker slots in general.

Nowadays, there isn’t a single good online casino that doesn’t have some sort of video poker game. We can play online video poker games on the go using mobile devices, and if we’re lucky enough, we can even receive Bitcoin money.

Types Of Video Poker

You can enjoy a variety of great video poker variants online. Here are four of the most common variations to try.

Jacks or Better

This is the most popular video poker variation among players. It gets its name because a pair of Jacks (or better) is regarded as the minimum winning hand.

Deuces Wild

The twos are wild in this form of video poker, which means that if you have one in your hand, it can be used to replace any other card, much like a wild symbol in online slots. Of course, this can help you create a better hand.

Bonus Poker

This poker variation is based on the Jacks or Better game. There are four-of-a-kind cards in Bonus Poker. As a result, if you have four twos, threes, or fours in your hand, you will receive a boost/bonus.

Double Bonus

This variation is also based on Jacks or Better, but the bonus is only available for four aces now.

Rules Of The Game

The Minimum Paying Hand

This is the hand that players must have to qualify for a payout, and it differs by game. It could be two sets, for example.

Hand Ranking

Besides, regardless of the value of the cards used to form the hand, the type of hand is essential in video poker.

The Wild Card

There are wild and non-wild video poker versions (it’s not what it sounds like!) This trait is only available to wild variants. The deuce or joker is always the wild card, and it can be exchanged for any card in the deck to help players construct a winning hand. Wilds function similarly to slot machines in that they can assist you in forming winning symbol combos.

The Benefits Of Playing Bitcoin Video Poker

Poker players recognize the unpredictability of shuffles that result in unlikely outcomes and, as a result, doubt the integrity of online casinos. This is not the case with Bitcoin casinos; BTC casinos provide the details to demonstrate that deals are fair. This is known as ‘provably fair,’ and it includes server strings that are encrypted and mixed with numbers from your device to prove that the transactions are genuine.

One of the most significant benefits of Bitcoin Video Poker is that it can be played entirely anonymously. You only need to provide a valid email address when registering; the remainder of your personal information is private. Some casinos also advise players to verify whether online gambling is legal in their jurisdiction.

Transaction fees are non-existent when entering or withdrawing with Bitcoin. Firstly, you do not need to make the 5% deposit on your credit card as a ‘transaction payment.’ Second, without dealing with payment providers, the casino’s overheads are reduced. This also means that the bonuses you receive on each deposit are far more generous when compared to normal casinos.

Frequently Asked Questions About Video Poker Bitcoin

Is Bitcoin Video Poker available on mobile?

To play mobile Bitcoin video poker, you must first acquire software, which should only take a few minutes. The best part is that most major mobile platforms, including Android and iOS, support the game.

Is it legal to play Bitcoin video poker?

It varies greatly from country to country. Many countries do not allow Bitcoin transactions, and video poker is illegal in many countries, so verify with your state first.

Should I play video poker with the maximum number of coins?

This is a difficult one. Most professionals claim that sticking to the maximum wager all the time increases your chances of winning the jackpot and other lucrative rewards. However, this is extremely risky for anyone who is not at least semi-professional or seriously engaged in jackpot hunting.

How many cards are used in video poker?

They all use a standard 52-card deck, with one joker if one is available.


The use of Bitcoin in video gambling is quickly increasing, but it has drawbacks. Blockchain technology is still in its early phases in online games but has a bright future. Video poker games are the most exciting things to play, but only if done securely and per the rules. It will provide an excellent opportunity to earn money.

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