5 Benefits Of Using Wooden Wicks In Candles

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The candle industry is all the rage with wooden wicks. They impart a rural, natural feeling. Let’s look at the top 5 advantages of utilizing a wooden candle wick.

·      Affect Of The “Fire Side”

A fantastic substitute for the conventional cotton wick is a wooden wick. Every time you light it, you’ll be certain to believe that you are huddled around a campfire thanks to its “fire side” effect.

They offer a distinctive burn that crackles when lit, which at first can be noticeable if you’re not used to the sound. However, the more you use the candle, the more the crackle will disappear into the background and eventually turn into a soothing sound that transports you to your happy place.

·      Sustainability

It has been established that wooden wicks are more sustainable than cotton wicks. One tree can produce thousands of wicks, and because they aren’t treated, no chemicals are released into the air when your candle is burned.

When lighted, a lot of wicks give off soot and a dark smoke; this won’t happen with wooden wicks. They are an excellent substitute for folks who have problems with conventional cotton wick candles because they burn cleanly. Our first priority is to keep the air in your home and your lungs clean!

·      The Artistic

The ultimate sanctuary is your house. You want to maintain a nice, comfortable, and enjoyable home environment. To complete your secure zone, add a wooden wick candle. A wooden wick candle not only looks nice, but it also has advantages.

·      They Extend The Life Of Your Candle

Without a question, we adore the aesthetic of a wooden wick candle, but they also extend the life of your candle. Wooden wicks heat the wax uniformly during burning, enabling a flawless burn each and every time. You will get a minimum of 40 hours of use out of our candles when used with our coconut soy wax blend, allowing you to experience their full impact.

·      They Are Worth It But They Need Extra Care

It took a little more care to make a candle with a hardwood wick, but it was worth it. Always make sure your wick is as short as you can make it. When you initially get your wick in your hands, we always make sure it is short.

Final Words

Make sure you clean all of the charred remains off the wick after each burn and after the candle has re-hardened (and cooled). Consider how a stick would burn if you held it up and lit it on fire; the flames would ultimately go out. The same stick will continue to burn if you light it on fire in a fire pit with kindling, allowing you to enjoy the fire. With a wooden wick, the idea is the same. The wax serves as the candle’s “kindling” and serves as fuel to maintain the flame on the wooden wick.

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